Erik Scherz Andersen

Interested in rethinking commerce, governance, privacy, copyright, identity, authorship, ethics, aesthetics, rhetorics, love, family and much more

I get things done

Natural leadership
7 years experience with people management. I increase sales performance, improve job satisfacition and strenghten the confidence of the team.
Keywords: diplomatic, analytic, intelligent

Digital native
11 years of experience with commercial web development, digital user behavior and project management.
Keywords: planning, testing, launching

Slagtryk Magazine

I built an online poetry magazine in 2011 and formed the editorial team.

We created and managed a one-day festival with more than 30 authors with readings, video screenings, music performances and debates.

At Slagtryk we change literature. Among other things by facilitating LIVE and joint writings online. It's voluntary work and lots of fun.

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Contact Erik Scherz Andersen

I'm working at momondo building and leading a product team with focus on revenue optimisation - using behavior data and methods within AB split test.
You can call me at +4540134743